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Required documens to open a foriegn company Branch in Bangladesh

Following documents are required for application of opening a foreign company Branch/Liaison/Representative office in Bangladesh

Recommendation for NBR Bangladesh

According to my observation, my recommendations for National Borad of Revenue of Bangladesh (NBR) are as follows:

Process of Issuing Work Permit in Bangladesh

Work permit is mandatory for every foreign national seeking employment in Bangladesh. Three government authorities issue work permit in Bangladesh.

Process for Registration with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority

All Bangladesh industrial enterprise is required to be registered with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). Without it, investor/ entrepreneur will not be able to obtain many essential licenses and permits...

Historical Income tax Background of India Sub-continent

According to historic records, Income Tax was introduced to the Indian sub continent public in 1860. After a couple of years, it got abolished because people were not satisfied that...

Bangladesh Tax Policy and Administration

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the central authority for tax administration in Bangladesh. It was established by President Order No. 76 of 1972. Administratively, it is under the...